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Anti Cimex råmixar

I den purfärska Anti Cimex-boxen så finns det en 7″ EP med råmixar, och eftersom boxen redan är slutsåld bjuds det på en stream av dessa låtar här nedanför. Trummisen Charlie förklarar EP:n på följande sätt:

When we recorded the Absolut LP we had some difficulties with mixing the songs. We did one mix and it sounded great in the studio, but when we took it home to play in our tape recorder it sounded shit. The drums were way too low! Back to the studio again.
Same procedure as last time, and remember, the digital mixing board wasnt around yet, so every little fade, or change in the tracks had to be made manually. Well, we remixed it, raised the drums felt quite happy with the result. Cliff went home to Malmö and Jonsson went home to wherever he lived at the moment. But when all of us was arriving home we discovered that none of us really wasnt pleased with the mix. We decided to do it once more,
Me and Conrad went back to the studio and did the whole thing once again. We were probably a little tired of the whole procedure, as were the studio technician, but this was going to be the final mix. No time for alterations. It did turn out as the worst mix of them all! But hey, its punk, so we just let it go.
But now I found a tape with the second mix and I thought that maybe people would be interested in hearing it. So, here it is!
The tracks taken from Scandinavian Jawbreaker are merely raw mixes, made for ourselves.

Enjoy the slightly different songs!


Anti Cimex

Nytt band: Farsta

Att gamla punkreliker kommer upp till ytan i rockformat är knappast något nytt, så när Hasse Edström från Grisen Skriker och Gurra Ljungstedt från Ebba Grön slänger ihop just ett sådant band tillsammans med två andra personer är det föga förvånande. De nyfikna kan spana in deras video till titelspåret från deras kommande EP.